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Welcome to the site. I am happy you're here.

Having written professionally and almost entirely online for the last third of my life, I've built up some strange cache in the weirdest places. Writing for years about American Idol or The Apprentice, I formed relationships with readers that were as intense, but entirely separate. Fans and readers I got to know through writing about Battlestar Galactica and Farscape, or Gossip Girl and Pretty Little Liars, or over on this other side, Weeds and Nurse Jackie, or Good Wife and Homeland

There's a lot of overlapmore than you might think—but not half as much you might want if, say, you were looking at continuing those relationships somewhere other than the websites you'd spent the last however many years writing for. You see what I mean.

So now there's this jacobclifton.com, a long-neglected and little-updated calling card that I've decided to use as a base of operations to focus on writing for myself as the boss of me. My intention has always been to put my money where my mouth is, as I've spent a lot of time talking horseshit about the future of various industries and the individual's place in that system. So now that's what I'm doing. I don't like doing things easy, but I like making things easy, and hopefully this experience will be useful in that way at least.

So I'm creating fully-revised, definitive collected versions of the old Recaps, now that the off-and-on site is defunct. Maybe some bonusesfill in some blanks, do some extra episodes—maybe treats like interviews with the people I've come to know on the other side of the camera after all these years. Hopefully also the bonus of improved writing, but that seems like a taller order.

Otherwise, beyond blogging and doing extra work on those, I don't foresee a time that I'd rather be writing nonfiction, or about media, which was always the distraction from what I wanted to be doing, which is creating my own, on my terms. 

So, toward that end you got your Novels and your Serials—released in parts or written in realtime, respectively—and then in the Online section some free fiction, along with a lot of other stuff, if you're not quite ready to commit to any of that. (If you're asking, I would suggest starting with The Commonplace Book or While You Are Over There.)

So that's the basic layout. I will be updating these pages probably more than the Blog itself, over at least the short term, but I would urge you to remember that these pages are all set up through Blogger for a reason, which is so you will treat them like blogs: Feel free to comment or respond anywhere you see fit and trust that it is a conversation I'm looking forward to having.

Other contact links are below, don't be shy there either, join that darn Mailing List, and again: Thank you so much for the visit. It's going to be quite a little adventure we're having, I think.


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